Agromatics: optimizing agriculture using informatics tools

To supply food necessities causing minimal environmental impact is one of the main objective of the agriculture, therefore to improve efficiency in the agricultural processes is the strategy to follow. Agronomy as the grouping of several science disciplines related to plant and animal production, has been successful in reaching this objective, however it needs to be more efficient in the information management: generation, recording, storing, and processing. Advances in information and communication technologies have been extraordinary in the last decades, and use of these technologies is relatively recent in agronomy. Convergence between agronomy and informatics requires a special framework due to the vast amount of informatics technologies that can be used for vast types of agricultural systems. Agromatics, as result of convergence between agronomy and informatics, is defined as the theoretical frame that faces the challenge of generating and managing vast amount of data coming from agricultural systems, to improve efficiency in production. To be successful in this task, agronomy uses information and communication technologies that can be grouped in those that generate and record information and those that process information.

Agromatics improves agricultural processes in three ways: 1. standardizing processes to get disciplines in the processes owner 2. contributing to get high performance in the processes, and 3. synchronizing the processes.


This is the abstract of the paper published by Hernan Laurentin and Javier Gomes in Biomedical Journal of Science and Technology Research. You can reach the complete article clicking in