Service of data statistical analysis

Did you finish your research and experiments, but do not have time to do data statistical analysis?   Are you not sure about the most appropriate analysis for your data?. can help you. You can mail us to and we give you information about the format we need to do your analysis.

We analyze all kind of variables, either qualitative (binary or categorical) or quantitative (discrete or continuous). You must define if you want to use univariate or multivariate analysis. If you are not sure, we can help you.

If you are going to use univariate analysis, we perform descriptive statistics to know minimum, maximum and mean values for each dependent variable, and also measures of dispersion such as variance, standard deviation and coefficient of variation. Next, we determine for each dependent variable if your data follow normal distribution, in order to know if we use parametric or non-parametric analysis. Parametric tests which we use are analysis of variance for several experiments arrays (totally random, random blocks, Latin square), several treatments arrays (simple, factorial, split-plot), and mean tests. We use as non-parametric tests, several methods such as Kruskal and Wallis test, and Wilcoxon test.

If you are going to use multivariate analysis, you must define if you want hierarchical test or non-hierarchical tests. If you are not sure about the most convenient test for your data, we can help you. Hierarchical test that we use is mainly phenogram. Non-hierarchical tests we use are principal coordinates and principal components. If you need another one, we can talk about it.

When we finish the analysis of your data, we mail to you the report with the results of all analysis. If you have some doubt about results interpretation, we can help you.

Up to 10 dependent variables, the analysis cost is US $ 7.99. If you need results interpretation, cost is US $ 3.99 additional.

If you are interested, mail us to and we mail to you an example of the report, and also the format of your data we need to perform the analysis.

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